Best Dentists in Columbus, Ohio: Your Guide to Expert Dental Services

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Top dentists in Columbus, Ohio

In a city renowned for its quality healthcare, finding the best dentist in Columbus, Ohio, is crucial. Our guide is meticulously crafted to help you navigate the diverse array of dental practices in Columbus. From cutting-edge cosmetic procedures to essential preventive care, we’ve assessed and compiled a list of the most reputable and skilled dentists near you.

Read on to connect with dental practitioners who are top in their field and dedicated to patient care and satisfaction.


Comprehensive Criteria for Selecting Columbus’s Best Dentists

To ensure you receive the highest standard of dental care, our evaluation system methodically assesses each dentist in Columbus, Ohio.

We examine key factors that signify excellence in dental practice, guaranteeing you make an informed choice for your oral health.

Experience and Qualifications (Total: 30 Points)

  • Educational Background: Up to 10 points for dentists based on their academic achievements, including graduation from accredited dental schools and any specialized degrees.
  • Specialized Training: A maximum of 10 points for additional expertise in cosmetic dentistry, pediatric care, or orthodontics.
  • Years of Practice: Dentists earn up to 10 points for their tenure in the field, signifying experience and trust within the Columbus community.

Patient Reviews and Satisfaction (Total: 30 Points)

  • Patient Ratings: Up to 20 points based on average reviews from sites like Healthgrades, Yelp, and Google, reflecting patient satisfaction.
  • Testimonials: We consider up to 10 points for positive patient feedback, emphasizing quality of communication and treatment satisfaction.

Range of Services (Total: 20 Points)

  • General Dentistry: Up to 5 points for offering comprehensive general dental services.
  • Specialized Services: A maximum of 10 points for specialized treatments, including cosmetic and orthodontic services.
  • Emergency Care: Up to 5 points for providing urgent dental care.

Location and Accessibility (Total: 20 Points)

  • Proximity: Up to 10 points for clinics conveniently located in or near Columbus, Ohio.
  • Accessibility: Up to 10 points for factors like wheelchair accessibility, ample parking, and easy appointment scheduling.


Showcasing Columbus’s Premier Dental Care Providers

As we unveil our curated list of the best dentists in the city, you’ll find practices that not only meet but exceed the highest standards in dental care. These practitioners have been selected for their outstanding services, patient-centric approach, and dedication to dental excellence.


1. Blank Dental Group (281 Reviews, Rating: 4.9 – Total Score: 98 Points)

Blank Dental Group, led by the accomplished trio of Dr. James Blank, Dr. Dana Walters, and Dr. Madison Wright, is a beacon of dental excellence in Columbus, Ohio. Known for their comprehensive range of high-quality dental services, they specialize in full mouth transformations, aesthetic enhancements, and general dentistry, making them a top choice for patients seeking all-encompassing dental care.

Experience and Qualifications (30/30 Points)

  • Expert Team: The collective expertise of Drs. Blank, Walters, and Wright ensure a wide range of proficient dental services. (10/10 points)
  • Advanced Training: Each dentist’s commitment to continued professional development contributes to the group’s high standard of care. (10/10 points)
  • Dedication to Patient Care: Their focus on patient comfort and satisfaction is evident in every aspect of their practice. (10/10 points)

Patient Reviews and Satisfaction (30/30 Points)

  • High Patient Approval: Exceptional ratings reflect their success in patient satisfaction and care. (20/20 points)
  • Positive Testimonials: Patients consistently praise their compassionate approach and the effectiveness of their treatments. (10/10 points)

Range of Dental Services (20/20 Points)

Location and Accessibility (18/20 Points)

  • Multiple Accessible Locations (9/10 points): Blank Dental Group extends its exceptional dental services across multiple locations, each designed for convenient access. Their clinics are strategically located to serve patients throughout Columbus and its surrounding areas.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities (9/10 points): Each clinic is conveniently located and equipped with the latest dental technology and amenities. This modern setup ensures both patient comfort and the provision of efficient, high-quality treatments.


2. Capitol Square Dental of Columbus (191 Reviews, Rating: 4.5 – Total Score: 94 Points)

Capitol Square Dental, under the guidance of Dr. Mehrdad Safavian, offers a comprehensive range of dental services in Columbus, Ohio.

Experience and Qualifications (29/30 Points)

Patient Reviews and Satisfaction (29/30 Points)

  • High Patient Ratings: Reflecting their success in achieving patient satisfaction and care. (19/20 points)
  • Positive Patient Testimonials: Emphasizing their commitment to quality and patient comfort. (10/10 points)

Location and accessibility (18/20 Points)

  • Convenient Location: Easily accessible for residents in and around Columbus. (9/10 points)
  • Modern Facilities: Equipped with advanced technology for efficient and comfortable treatments. (9/10 points)

3. South High Dental (93 Reviews, Rating: 4.1 – Total Score: 91 Points)

South High Dental in Columbus offers a wide range of dental services under the expertise of Dr. Matt Paulson.

Experience and Qualifications (28/30 Points)

  • Dr. Paulson’s Experience: Skilled in various aspects of dentistry, ensuring comprehensive patient care. (9/10 points)
  • Diverse Dental Services: Proficient in general, cosmetic, restorative, and sedation dentistry. (9/10 points)
  • Advanced Care: Specializing in orthodontics. (10/10 points)

Patient Reviews and Satisfaction (27/30 Points)

  • Solid Patient Trust: High ratings and positive reviews indicate reliable and quality dental care. (17/20 points)
  • Exceptional Care: Feedback highlights personalized and attentive dental care. (10/10 points)

Location and Accessibility (16/20 Points)

  • Accessibly Located: Convenient for Columbus residents. (8/10 points)
  • Comfortable Clinic Environment: Designed for a pleasant patient experience. (8/10 points)


4. Columbus Family Dental Care (26 Reviews, Rating: 4.8 – Total Score: 90 Points)

Columbus Family Dental Care, led by Dr. David A. Dixon, provides extensive dental services tailored to all age groups.

Experience and Qualifications (28/30 Points)

Patient Reviews and Satisfaction (28/30 Points)

  • Strong Patient Approval: Evidenced by high ratings and positive reviews. (18/20 points)
  • Quality Care: Patients emphasize the clinic’s focus on individual care and comfort. (10/10 points)

Location and Accessibility (16/20 Points)

  • Prime Location: Easily reachable for residents in Columbus. (8/10 points)
  • Modern Clinic Setup: Contemporary facilities for a comfortable patient experience. (8/10 points)

Contact: 614-878-1397, [email protected], Columbus Family Dental Care Contact


5. Reynoldsburg Dental Group (48 Reviews, Rating: 3.9 – Total Score: 88 Points)

Reynoldsburg Dental Group offers a comprehensive range of dental services in Columbus, providing care for various dental needs.

Experience and Qualifications (27/30 Points)

Patient Reviews and Satisfaction (27/30 Points)

  • Solid Reputation: Consistent positive feedback from patients. (17/20 points)
  • Attentive Care: Noted for their personalized approach to patient treatment. (10/10 points)

Location and Accessibility (16/20 Points)

  • Accessible Location: Convenient for Columbus residents. (8/10 points)
  • Clinic Features: Equipped with modern amenities for an efficient and comfortable patient experience. (8/10 points)


Transform Your Smile with Columbus’s Finest Dentists

Discover exceptional dental care in Columbus, Ohio, where top dentists like Blank Dental Group and others offer unparalleled services. These practices excel in combining advanced treatments with a patient-centered approach, ensuring your dental needs are met with expertise and care.

Choose excellence for your oral health; visit Columbus’s best dentists today and experience the difference in your smile.

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