Dental Hygienist


Powell, OH




$45-49 per hour + monthly bonus opportunity

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About the Position

PURPOSE:  The scope of the work encompasses a variety of clinical duties which promote excellent quality of care in the prevention and treatment of dental disease, promotion of dental health, effective and efficient operation of the practice and fosters favorable public relations with patients, team and dentists.



  1. Responsible to dentist/owner of the practice.
  2. Inter-relationships with clinical team, dentists, administrative team, and patients are essential.



  • Performs all hygiene functions according to policies.
  • Accurately document patient’s health profile and review every visit, including allergies, current medications, surgeries, and new medical conditions.
  • Document patient’s chief complaint or concern, relay thin information to the dentist and record how it is to be addressed.
  • Record in patient’s chart all existing dental restoration.
  • Expose and process necessary radiographs prescribed by the dentist including FMX, PAN, BWX, utilizing either digital or film technologies.
  • Use intraoral camera to document the condition of existing teeth, existing dental restorations, the appearance and signs of current soft tissue health or presence of disease, and lesions or areas of concern.
  • Update photos as dental treatment is completed.
  • Record in patient’s chart the dentist’s comprehensive treatment plan to address dental disease of both the soft and hard tissues, and record sequence and priority of treatment plan.
  • Perform adult or child prophylaxis on healthy patient.
  • Apply fluoride varnish when indicated on children or adult patient.
  • Apply sealants when indicated, and document in clinical chart.
  • Perform a full mouth debridement if prescribed by dentist. 
  • Perform periodontal scaling and root planning prescribed by the dentist on patients diagnosed with periodontal disease.
  • Apply chemotherapeutic agents in the treatment of periodontal disease when prescribed by dentist.
  • Provide patient education so patient understands the level of oral health existing       in his/her mouth, and address how to improve or continue to maintain the patient’s best possible oral health, and document in clinical notes.
  • Perform charting duties with accuracy and speed utilizing auxiliary personnel when available.
  • Must maintain minimum CE credit hours, CPR, and radiology certificate.
  • Perform other duties as requested by Practice Administrator or Dentist.
  • Notifies Practice Manager in timely manner when out sick and according to policy.
  • Accepts, understands, and follows office policy.



  • Graduate of accredited or certified dental hygiene program.
  • State issued Hygiene License. 
  • CPR certification.
  •  State issued Radiology Certificate. 
  • 6 months of dental assistant experience required or completion of externship.


Clerical/Office Skills:  Dental management software, PC, typing, filing, ability to perform research to resolve problems.  


Equipment, Machines & Tools Used:  Handpieces, Intraoral Camera, Autoclave, Suction equipment, Computer, Phone, dental chair unit, digital radiograph equipment.



  1. Protective Eyewear
  2. Face Mask
  3. Gloves (both procedural and sterilization)
  4. Hepatitis B Vaccine (or waiver declining it)



Environmental Exposure:

  • May be exposed to infections and contagious diseases.
  • May be exposed to biohazards, radioactive substances.

Working Conditions:

  • Interactions with pediatric and adolescent population (infant to 18 years)
  • Occasional pressure due to multiple calls and interruptions.
  • Physical stress due to lifting, bending


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