What Does Salt Water Do For My Mouth?

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If you keep up on regular oral care, you’re well aware that flossing, brushing your teeth two to three times a day, and using mouthwash are effective ways to keep your mouth healthy. However, there is an additional method of proper oral care that you may not yet be aware of: salt water. Using salt water while rinsing can be more impactful on your oral hygiene than you may realize.

How Is Salt Water Good for My Mouth? 

Believe it or not, modern age medicine practitioners aren’t the first people to discover the health benefits that salt water provides. Back in Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek times, certain medicines contained salt as an ingredient. This was because the salt had proven to reduce infection and inflammation.

Today, it’s remained a trend for dentists to use as it works to temporarily build up the pH balance found inside the mouth. Bacteria have issues forming inside of mouths with high pH balances. Because your mouth is now cleaner and less acidic, bacteria won’t have any desire to form inside of it. So, they will retreat and will no longer duplicate or spread.

Since bacteria is no longer sitting in your mouth, you won’t be as prone to catching certain illnesses. As a result, this salt water has successfully fought off various possible oral health problems. Here a few:

Sore or swollen throat

Bad breath

Gum disease or gingivitis

Benefits of Rinsing with Salt Water

When salt water enters your mouth, it works to bring all of the bacteria up to the surface. This makes it easier for any water or liquid to arrive and wash that bacteria right out. This is why rinsing with salt water is highly recommended by dentists like Dr. Blank. 

As a result, you’ll notice a lot of different additional health benefits when you decide to regularly rinse using this method.

Goodbye Sore Throats

Not only can salt water help kill bacteria, but it also pushes white blood cells more toward your sore throat. This helps the infection go away quicker and ultimately boosts your immune system. Anytime your throat is feeling swollen or sore, mix up some warm water with salt and gargle it. You’ll go back to feeling better and healthier in no time. 

Your Breath Will Smell Fresher 

When people want a quick and easy way to freshen up their breath, they often turn to use mouthwash. Another quick, effective way to make your breath smell better is by rinsing your mouth with salt water. Since it’s working to rid any bacteria forming inside of your mouth, it can help give you both a fresher breath and a fresher feeling. 

Chances of Gum Disease and Cavities are Reduced

As salt enters your mouth, it immediately begins to work at fighting off any bacteria that could have already formed or could potentially start forming. Once bacteria are removed from your gums, it makes it more difficult for your gums to become infected. Salt also fights to remove any excess food in between your teeth, which helps prevent cavities from forming.   

Tips for Rinsing with Salt Water 

In order to effectively rid your mouth of any harmful bacteria, you should be doing whatever it takes to make your mouth as healthy as can be. To do that, here are a few tips you can follow when rinsing with salt water: 

Rinse with water and salt twice a day.
For the best results, rinse your mouth right after eating to remove any food particles that could be wedged in between your teeth.
Take approximately eight ounces of warm water, then sprinkle half a teaspoon of salt into the water. Stir until it’s well mixed.
If you want a stronger and more effective way to wash your mouth, try adding a teaspoon of baking soda as well.
Put as much of this mixture into your mouth as possible, then start gargling at the back of your throat. You’ll want to swish and splash it all around your mouth to assure the salt travels everywhere.
Make sure the solution is touching different sections of your mouth like your teeth and gums.
Spit out the solution, then you’re good to go.
Try not to swallow the solution. It’s not harmful to you, but you won’t be able to get any bacteria out of your system if it’s swallowed.


Using Salt Water Regularly 

Salt water is a great way to rid your mouth of any harmful bacteria that could be resting inside of it. It’s also a great alternative to mouthwash, especially if the chemicals inside of mouthwash make you feel sick or nauseous. Once you begin using it regularly throughout your oral hygiene routine, you’ll see impressive results. If you’re looking for more tips to using salt water or want to learn more about other ways to keep your mouth feeling healthy, make an appointment today. 

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