"Because Of Dental Implants, I Don't Have To Worry About My Fragile Teeth Anymore"

Hi. I’m Dan. The procedure I had here with Dr. Blank is full implants. The day I contacted him, I had an infected tooth so I had to get it pulled. I’m close to Springfield, so I googled and found his name.

The day I contacted him, I had an infected tooth so I had to get it pulled.

Dr. Blank:

Dan’s a favorite personality of mine. I enjoy getting to know Dan. Dan is that person that walks into your office with a decision already made. Fortunately, Dan chose to investigate us at Blank Dental Group.


He has to be open. I think might have been a Saturday or something. I went in there. I’ve always had soft teeth. When I was a teenager, I had cavities and my teeth just kept getting gradually worse. My teeth are missing. The ones that were there weren’t good. I made up my mind that it was time to do something. From what I heard from friends, the implants were the best way to go, and I wanted a first class deal.

Dr. Blank:

Yes, Dan is upper and lower. Dan, in his retirement years, I know he’s a farming family. He helps them manage the farm and they do a lot of the work. Now, he gets to enjoy life a little bit himself. He wanted to not have to deal with dental problems.


I’m 64 years old, so the bumper to bumper warranty is pretty well shot. This is the newest thing on the farm. That’s one thing I don’t have to worry about. I don’t feel like my life has changed a whole lot. I had a good life before I went in there, but it was like a wrecked truck. I mean, it looks a lot better after it gets fixed. I need it fixed, and he did. I never skipped a beat. We just have one day off to get everything done. He’s been very professional. The staff is pleasant. I can’t ask for anything else.

Dr. Blank:

Dan has been one of the easiest patients to work with because he always is trusting. He always wants, he picks you, and trust you. He goes with you, and he does everything we ask him to do. He’s always had his appointments. He’s patient. He’s friendly when he comes in. Dan is a wonderful man and been one of my favorite personalities to work with.

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