"I'm Remembered For My Big Smile Thanks To Dental Implants."

My name is Jack, and I came here for a full arch dental implant. My siblings and I are blessed with genetically, poor teeth. My brother and sisters both have dentures implants. So I was going to the dentist almost every month for caps, posts, bridges, and all kinds of work. Constantly, they’re breaking. I was traveling on a little tube of superglue to keep my teeth in place when I was on the road. Pretty, pretty miserable.

Constantly, they're breaking. I was traveling on a little tube of superglue to keep my teeth in place when I was on the road. Pretty, pretty miserable.


And my dentist got to the point where he said, look, you’ve got a choice between dentures which I did not want because dentures are for old people and implants. And he says, what you need to do is call out the first team and go see Blank. And I said, okay. Well, let’s do that, and I did. I came to Dr. Blank.

And he explained what an implant is very carefully and slowly explained to me what the procedure is and how it works. I didn’t know anything about it. I sat down with Dr. Blank, and he learned about my history. Did inspection of my teeth, looked at my records, and established a plan where we could get rid of all the problems, say what was good, and replace everything else with implants. And now, I said I wanted my teeth to be about 10% bigger than what they were because they were worn down and he agreed.


And the first time I saw it, I thought, I look like a beaver. Because it had been so long since I’ve seen my teeth the way they should be and he laughed. And the first time I went home, I talked to my wife and my kids, and some friends and they started complimenting me. “You know, man, your teeth look great.” This is interesting, when I travel a great deal and I’ll be at counters or restaurants and one thing and another and people tell me, “You have a nice smile. You have great teeth.” I’m prompted.

Then, I remember a distinctly a guy in New Jersey. When I first got my teeth done, we met and called him buddy. A year later we were talking, and I said, do you remember me? He goes, “Oh, yeah, big handshake, big smile”. Boom, that was worth right there, it’s worth it. He remembered me because of my smile.

Dr. Blank’s office is incredibly efficient. If there’s an appointment, you get a reminder a few days ahead. You get a reminder the day of and you get a reminder like an hour before. It’s amazing. It’s incredibly efficient. Everybody’s so damn nice and friendly.

I mean, it’s not like a Walmart greeter kind of friendly, there’s going through the motions. These are a nice group of people. I don’t know what he does, how he trains them. But everybody is not only very capable, but they’re very nice. It’s a pleasant experience to go to the dentist.

There’s an old adage that, there are only two grades of anything. There’s the best and there’s everything else. I’m confident that Dr. Blank, in my world is the best at what he does.

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