"I Got A Natural and Beautiful New Smile With Cosmetic Crowns"

My name is Linda and the procedure I had here at Dr. Blank’s office was cosmetic crowns. I just didn’t like my front teeth, particularly because one had discolored a little bit. They seemed a little uneven. I had always kind of wanted to get that work done. But until I actually went to Dr. Blank’s office that I feel that there was a dentist here in town that really could do the work and the job for me.

I just didn't like my front teeth, particularly because one had discolored a little bit. They seemed a little uneven.

Dr. Blank:

Her treatment was a combination of a full smile on the upper, and then some smaller procedures on the lower.


When I sat down with Dr. Blank, then we decided to do all crowns across the top.

Dr. Blank:

And so we were able to give her a set of cosmetic crowns, that really became lifelike and beautiful. She is in public all the time. She’s servicing her customers. And she is a very pretty lady and she communicates very well and she wanted her smile to match that level that takes care of herself.


I’m thinking I’ve had this 8 to 10 years, maybe, I don’t know. It’s just seems like I can’t even remember what I looked like before having them. It’s crazy because like so many times you think, in the beginning, I thought. “Oh, if I bite into an apple or if I eat something, that might end up cracking one of the teeth”. I could think, oh my gosh, what would I ever do or how embarrassed I’d be if I was somewhere and that happened. And I’ve had them all this time and I don’t even think about what I do now that haven’t forever, that’s why I’ve kind of forgotten how long I’ve had them.

I kind of I’d give you a little bit of the beginning, my experience with Dennis as a kid was absolutely terrible. And so, I had never just wanted to go get my teeth cleaned or even do my exams. I’ve always said to people, I’d go to any doctor other than the dentist until I have come to this office.

Deciding what I was going to look like after having this done, Dr. Blank took a lot of time with me. I remember him standing there with these charts of all the different shades of teeth, which is amazing that you pick out and you choose. And he knew that I wanted to look as natural as possible.

And he was so good at explaining how they were going to look and doing the color chart. I was still surprised when I saw the finished product because it was so so natural, and so great looking. I just couldn’t believe it.

Here at Blank Dental Group, they are amazing. They work together as a team. They’re kind. They’re considerate. They actually had the patient as their number one person. You feel like you are really their only concern while you’re here.

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